Swiss Screw Machining, also known as Swiss Automatic Lathe Machining is used to create extremely small precision parts with exceptional accuracy. While they were originally used to create small turned components such as the watch parts, the speed and accuracy of the Swiss Automatic Lathe makes it the preferred manufacturing option for a variety of small and highly complex components.Get more news about Precision Swiss Lathe,you can vist our website!

Accumation, Inc is a leading provider of superior quality Swiss Precision Machined Products. We have all Tornos Machines at our Facility; 32 Single-Spindle CAM Machines and 2 Swiss Nano CNC Machines, which allow us to produce small, complex parts with the utmost speed and efficiency. Our equipment is available with automatic bar loaders, specialized attachments, and custom programming that provides Quality Parts with precision detail and tight tolerances.
A sliding headstock automatic lathe is a highly versatile machine that is designed for efficient and accurate production, with fast cycle times.

Key Advantages:

Accurate – Sliding Headstock Automatic lathes are known for their extreme accuracy and precision. They can machine thousands of parts to a very tight tolerance and maintain that tolerance throughout the production run.
Production – Sliding Headstock Automatic Lathes produce completed parts by loading material into a bar loader and the machine then automatically loads the material through the guide bushing where is it pushed out to be machined. The Engineering of the Part is controlled by the CAM Setup and the Turning Tools. When the part is complete, it is ejected into a container.
Small Parts – Sliding Headstock Lathes were specifically designed to produce small parts that traditional lathes would not be capable of machining.
Multiple Operations – Sliding Headstock Automatic Lathes can engage the material with multiple tools at once allowing for complex operations. This also dramatically reduces the time required to manufacture the part.

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